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Finding science fiction in the muddy bed of a river

From a 2009 Peace River excursion, a secret sport north of Zolfo Springs

There is an ominous feeling when I get out of my canoe and stand hip deep in a river to dig for ice age fossils. After hours of paddling to find a dig site, I will have encountered an abundance of wildlife, including alligators sunning themselves on the banks. Of course, I avoid any place near them and I keep an eye out for drag trails through the brush, but when I get into the water I know that they are not far away. Not knowing what’s in the water with me, not knowing what’s in the mud beneath me, I begin to dig.

I do it for the thrill of finding just one tangible piece of history in a shovel full of gravel. Often there is nothing, but every now and then something stands out. Invariably, something will catch my eye. Imagination and education then take off, wrestling each other to identify the object. Elation overcomes any fear of lurking alligators, followed by a sublime satisfaction as I stash a nice fossil in the bow of my canoe.

Similar to these river adventures, the characters in my INDRAVATI novels often find themselves digging for answers or exploring an alien world, seeking elusive wonders which have been lost for ages, waiting to be discovered. I hope you get that same feeling of satisfaction at the end of my books, that they might be given a prominent place in your bookshelf to be read again in the future.

Cover for the science fiction novel, Indravati

A science fiction adventure of the starship Indravati
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Available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle ebook.
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Far from home, Gideon Serrano assumes command of an enormous freighter called Indravati. He will follow orders to return the ship to its home port, but not before he tracks down a murderer. Gideon has almost convinced himself that his cause is just, though finding this elusive criminal may spark an interstellar war.

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Coming this Summer:
A science fiction adventure of the starship Indravati

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Yes. Gideon’s cause is just!
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