Seth MacFarlane and the crew of The Orville.


The Orville Trailer and Seth MacFarlane’s Promise of Thoughtful Science Fiction

Doug Weldon, author of INDRAVATI and other science fiction adventure stories available on Amazon in print and Kindle ebook

Doug Weldon / May 24, 2017

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Last week FOX released a trailer for Seth MacFarlane’s new show. It’s called The Orville, a comedy-drama science fiction television series set three hundred years in the future. View the trailer below. Keep in mind, MacFarlane has said this will NOT be Family Guy in space.


We need no longer fear the banana

Kinda funny … Kinda worrisome. Will this show be nothing more than a parody of science fiction, using it as a backdrop for bathroom humor and space-farts? MacFarlane had this to say to Access Hollywood:

"I think it is going to surprise people that we do do our heavy lifting - or at least we try to - with the actual work of writing thoughtful science fiction. It's not really as much Galaxy Quest as it's being billed as."

And this was said to AP:

"The show is being promoted leaning on the comedy - and we like the promo a lot - but I think people will be surprised that we are digging a little deeper."

Leaning on the comedy. Sound vaguely familiar? FOX has done this before. Fifteen years ago they promoted a show with ads that focused on comedy. When viewers watched the first episode (which wasn't the pilot episode) they were confused, shown one small aspect of the show in the ads and presented with a larger sci-fi drama with complex characters who occasionally spoke a few Chinese words. That show was Firefly, one of the finest, most mistreated shows to ever grace a television screen. One would think FOX had learned a lesson.

Hopefully, this show can survive FOX programming executives (I have not forgiven them for what they did to Firefly). Hopefully, this will be a show that puts some actual science in the science fiction, a show that offers something deeper than annual urination and space-farts.
Don’t let us down, MacFarlane.

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