Star Trek Discovery character, Michael Burnham emerges from a starship in a space suit.


5 Things to Love About the Star Trek Discovery Teaser Trailer

Doug Weldon, author of INDRAVATI and other science fiction adventure stories available on Amazon in print and Kindle ebook

Doug Weldon / May 21, 2017

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So … the powers that be over at Star Trek Discovery dropped a teaser trailer, a dangly piece of string that sent every cat in our brains scrambling over each other to pounce and claw at every perceived flaw. One minute we’re all minding our own business, then, in the comments beneath every article to which we turn for information, we find the self appointed keepers of "real" Star Trek telling us what we must dislike.
     Not here.
     In keeping with Trek’s optimistic view of the future, here are five things to love about the trailer.


The production value.
Everything about it looks gorgeous; Michael Burnham in a pressure suit, the Shenzhou breaking through the clouds, the new transporter effect, Lt. Saru, new worlds … The bridge may look a bit dark for some tastes, but it doesn’t look cheep. Even though this is the Shenzhou and not the Discovery, the lighting will most likely be subdued on those sets as well as this is meant to be a darker, grittier Star Trek. No complaints from me, just tell a good story worthy of those incredible sets.


The mystery.
Michael Burnham, played by Sonequa Martin-Green, has served under Captain Georgiou, played by Michelle Yeoh, for seven years and is being considered for her own command. Georgiou calls her "Commander" though it has been released that the rank of her character will be Lieutenant Commander (with caveats). It’s not the same. Does she get demoted? Is it to set up a flashback? Her role will be the First Officer of the USS Discovery under Captain Lorca, played by Jason Isaacs. Where was he? Where was the Discovery? Such questions will keep us talking about it and help draw in a larger crowd.


They’ve found something at the edge of Federation space. We don’t know what it is, but it’s got the attention of the Klingons. There was leaked concept art of a sarcophagus ship and the Klingons are seen raising what looks an awful lot like a sarcophagus. My first thoughts were of a ’70s era GI Joe, a toy jeep with a crane, and a sandbox with a buried mummy’s tomb. I will openly and unapologetically weep for joy if the plot of the first season revolves around the exploration of ancient ruins.
     This suits my taste, as can be seen (shameless self promotion) in the pages of my own science fiction novel, Indravati. A work not too dissimilar from Trek. Kindle users get a free download Friday through Saturday, May 26-27 2017.


… and speaking of Klingons.
The new Klingons (if that’s what they are) look fantastic, much different than an actor with a silicone forehead appliance. Even if there is a distinct uruk-hai vibe to them, they look alien. They should look alien. Maybe ancient Klingons? What’s more, they are clearly seen doing that death-howl thingy from TNG’s Heart of Glory, which means the writers are respecting canon.


No explosions, no pew pew phaser blasts. Yes, there will clearly be hostilities with the Klingons, but by leaving out that sort of action, I’m hoping it’s an intentional statement that our peace loving Federation characters will, ideally, strive for the peaceful resolution of conflict and not hack and slash their way through alien hoards.

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